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November 17, 2012
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Race you home? by Reipid Race you home? by Reipid
so am back after alot of traveling and trips. so lets skip to this picture.

This is my theory on Scootaloo. I'd notices that Scootaloo was given Sparkleworks(from g3) colour scheme so I thought, she could be her mother, right? which you can play with. I could be why Scootaloo doesnt know how to fly yet? a Pegasus being Raised by a earth pony? she would struggle right? so Scootaloo's family in my mind consists of her mother and her. her mothers owns a hot air balloon and traffics ponys to and from cloudesdale(possible how she met Scootaloos Father? I have'nt thought of him yet. plus would mean he could Teach Scootaloo to fly which... would make my Theory not work.)

So heres a nice mother daughter moment with Scootaloo and Sparkleworks then =3

Scootaloo Sighed a heavy Sigh after another failed attempted at flying. I was just not fair, a lot of the pegasi her age were already flying, just she struggled, she’s always struggled to reach even make it off the ground. Her friends had gone on home after their adventures and attempts to get their cutie marks, but she wouldn’t be alone for long. The lone mare spotted the young filly and rushed over ‘there you are, I was so worried, its late!’ she said in a frantic panic, which eased away when she caught the expression on the young fillies face. ‘Oh chick... my poor little Scoot’s, what’s wrong? ’ she asks. ‘I’m not a chick! Chicks are baby Chickens.... and can’t fly...’ Scootaloo Says with a pout. The Mare gives a chuckle and kneels down to Scootaloo’s level ‘Scootaloo... you’ll get there soon. I’ve always said if you set your mind on something new, there isn't a thing that you can't do.’ She says with a smile. Scootaloo smiles slightly ’you really think so?’ she looks to the orange earth pony who responds with a nod. Scootaloo smiles brighter ‘yes!! I show you mom! I’ll be one of the best flyers in Ponyville! I’ll be as great as Rainbow Dash someday!’ she grins. Her mother smiles widely to ‘so can we go home now?’ she asks to which Scootaloo Nods ‘race you home then? What do you say? Up for the challenge?’ she grins. Scootaloo shows a determined look ‘you’re on!’ and starts running. Sparkleworks looks on, with a smile, to let her daughter have a head start.


Ponies and concept ideas (C) of Hasbro and Lauren Faust
Art (c)me ~Reipid
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Luxjii May 21, 2013  Hobbyist
OMG!!!! That's awesome!
Heh but already thought of that before I saw that picture Lol :D
thank you~! hehe think its been a theory of a lot of peoples but... Sparkles and Scoot's are to cute had to draw them x3
plus allowed me to sneaky-sneak a bit of g3 into g4 X3
Luxjii May 21, 2013  Hobbyist
Welcome! :squee:
Yeah :D
NicoleTheKitty Jan 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I never thought of this theory, I like it!^^ :D It makes sense. ;w;
doesnt it? glad someone else likes the idea to x3
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